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The halls at Katherine Thomas Elementary were filled with excitement and smiling faces in anticipation of the graduating class of 2016 to enter the building. As Pomp and Circumstance played over the speakers, the graduating seniors filtered through the hallways, giving high fives and hugs, to all of the elementary students and some of their former teachers. Students made signs congratulating seniors and clapped and cheered for them as they passed by... 

The Windham Exempted Village School District adheres to all state and federal laws and guidelines. With regard to transgender students in the Windham Exempted Village School District, we work through a collaborative process with our staff and the families and students in order to serve the needs of all students. While respecting all students' privacy, the Windham Exempted Village School District will assist students with their individual needs in accordance with state and federal laws. We will continue to ensure that all the Windham Exempted Village School District students are in safe, supported and secure environments to enable them to excel in their education.

Help us raise money for our schools!  The Junior and Senior High is participating in the Tyson Project A+™ program, a fund-raising program sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc. Through this program, we can raise a significant amount of money for our schools! It’s an easy way to raise much needed funds by sending Tyson Project A+ labels from products you probably already buy.

Here’s how it works: Just clip and collect Tyson Project A+ labels from participating Tyson® product packages and send them to school with your child. We’ll collect the labels for the remainder of this school year, and it will continue into next year. We will send the labels to Tyson Foods, and Tyson Foods will send our school a check. Each label is worth 24¢!

 I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the program. You can also find details online- Click Here!  I hope you’ll join us in collecting Tyson Project A+ labels and spread the word to your friends and relatives. It’s such an easy way to raise funds for our schools! Thanks for your support and all that you do for our schools. #windhamfamily

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