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Superintendent's Message

Aireane Curtis


November 2, 2021


Windham Families:


The first nine weeks is complete and we are moving on to the second.  With this update, I wanted to provide you all with an exciting opportunity we have been given.  We were selected from all the districts in Portage, Summit and Medina counties to be part of a grant associated with the National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS).  This gives us the opportunity to work with districts not only throughout Ohio but across the nation to look at ways to engage our families in the work at school.  


We love having our families participate at school!  While for the last year and a half we have had to limit our interactions in the physical buildings due to COVID, we are hopeful that we are in the process of returning to more interactions with our families.  This partnership requires us to form teams at each building composed of staff and parents.  In addition, our high school team will have student representatives on it as well.  These teams were formed in the spring of 2021 and started making plans.  This fall, our teams will once again meet to adjust the plans if necessary and then look for ways to engage our families and community members.   As we move forward, you will begin to see and hear information about ways to get involved.  We want school to be a welcoming place for not only our students, but our families as well.  We plan to host events for our families and we would love your feedback after the events.  Please let us know what worked, what didn’t, and other ideas you have that we should consider.  


We hope you will see that this is our work, and not one more thing.  We actually have a board policy regarding parent and family engagement (policy 2111) that talks to us about our work.  There has been a lot going on the last few years that we couldn’t control and we made the best of the situation.  However, we now want to be intentional about living out the board policy of parent and family engagement and make sure your needs are being met! We look forward to sharing some events at both KT and the JH/HS buildings to include our families in our work.  And we look to you to help provide us with ideas on how we can be even better!  


Look for more details in the next few months.  Information will be shared out by the buildings and we hope to create a section on the website that focuses on parent and family engagement.  This is an exciting time and we have some great ideas planned.  However, we need your feedback to make this truly amazing!  If you have ideas, feel free to reach out to Ms. Malone at KT and Mr. Burns at the JH/HS with your ideas and they will share it with their teams.  Thank you and GO BOMBERS!


Aireane Curtis



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