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Principal's Message

Melissa Malone
KT Elementary Principal & Special Services Director

September  2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Let’s try this again! Thank you for your continued patience, flexibility and support. We appreciate your efforts with your child as we switched over to remote learning. We are so very anxious to get them back in the building. Bombers (Black Group) will return on Monday, September 21st. Gold Rush (Yellow Group) will return on Tuesday, September 22nd.

As a reminder, the safety features we are providing are detailed at the bottom of this letter.

Additionally, for our students in the Hybrid Model, we remind you of the following:

  •  Your child must wear a mask. Please review the proper way to wear one, mouth and nose covered, and practice! It must be on them at the bus stop.

  • Temperature check your child PRIOR to them coming to school. If their temperature is over 100 degrees, they MUST stay home.

  • Try to remember everything your child needs prior to leaving for the day. No outside lunches are permitted to be dropped off this year (fast food). If your child forgets an item, a cart will be outside for you to drop it on. Chromebooks are included as an item that must be brought to and from school each day your child is in the building. They must be charged and ready to go!

Please note the following:

  • We will resume school in person for our Hybrid Students on 9/21 with our Bomber Group (Black) and Gold Rush on Tuesday 9/22

  • School Hours: 8:45 am -3:15 pm

    • Breakfast is served from 8:20 am - 8:45 am

    • Your child must be in class at 8:50 am

    • Dismissal begins at 3:15 pm

    • All car riders must be picked up by 3:30 pm

  • Car Riders/Drop off and Pick Up Procedures:

    • Morning drop off 

      • Park in a designated parking space

      • Walk with your child to the side door (by the Art and Music Room/North side of building) 

      • Your child’s temperature will be taken. If it is over 100 degrees, your child will be sent home with you.

    • Afternoon pick up 

      • Pull up to the curb, up to the side door (by the Art and Music Room/North side of the building) 

      • Students will be sent out.

      • DO NOT PARK in the BUS LANE or in the MIDDLE of the PARKING LOT

  • Bus Riders: Please be outside by 7:30 am on the first day. School dismisses at 3:15 pm

    •   The first week pick up and drop off may take a few extra minutes. We appreciate your patience!

  • Free lunch and breakfast continues for all HYBRID Students on the days they are in the school building. 

  • Attendance:

    • We will be taking attendance for our Hybrid Students and determining how to document attendance for our Remote Learners. This is a requirement through the state of Ohio and we will follow their mandates.

  • Chromebooks:

    • Your child must bring their chromebook, CHARGED, to and from school every day. 

  • Grading:

    • Hybrid Students will receive our Standards Based Report Card.

    • Remote Learners will earn letter grades.

    • PROMOTION will be determined on an individual basis, and work completion will be taken into consideration.


September brings to us the iReady diagnostic that is required to be administered as mandated by the Ohio Department of Education. We will begin this administration next week, September 21st. This diagnostic is important as it provides us valuable information on how to best educate your child. 



Will be held on Wednesday, October 7th from 3:30-6:30 and be held virtually. Your child’s classroom teacher will be reaching out to you to schedule an appointment.



Melissa Malone


Safety Highlights:

The safety of your child and our staff continues to be our top priority and even more so during COVID. The list below is an outline of many of the features that will be in place:


  • Touchless toilets

  • Hand sanitizer as students enter

  • Handwashing throughout the day

  • Temperature checks as students enter

  • Assigned seating in the cafeteria, 4 to a table, same spot every day they are in the building

  • Disinfectant spray in all classrooms to wipe surfaces on a regular basis

  • High touch areas wiped down throughout the day

  • Classrooms deep cleaned nightly

  • Classroom assigned recess equipment

  • Multiple, individual supply boxes (normal school supplies, and supply boxes for class manipulatives and specials classes)

  • COVID assigned health clinic

  • Masks worn by all

COVID-19 has placed additional stressors on so many of us. Feel free to contact our School Counselor, Miss Novotny, for any needs and concerns! We are here for you and your child.




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